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Kurniaty Kamalia or better known as Titi Kamal (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, December 7, 1981) is a soap opera and film actress from Indonesia. Women's 169 cm tall, was once played in the movie What's Up with Love and played in sinetron Cinta Anak Kampus, Chanda and Pura-Pura Blind. Name Titi Kamal getting bounced when she sang the song Jablai who'd been hit. Because of its commitment as an actress, Titi just singing that song specifically for the film Suddenly Dangdut, and never show or sing the song to look elsewhere.

Titi is the last child of five children of the pair H. Elly Kamal Badri and Rosniati from Palembang and Bengkulu. During his schooling in SMUN 48, Titi active in theater. That's what made him even more loved acting until now. Titi Kamal was the wife of Christian Sugiono. They were married on February 6, 2009 in Perth, Australia. Princess Moch partner. Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati world began reaching the big screen with starring TRAGEDY (2001), WHAT'S WITH LOVE (2002), the Eifel'M IN LOVE (2003) and sudden dangdut (2006). Even in this movie DANGDUT sudden, Titi success with dangdut songs Jablay (Rarely Swept) which is the movie soundtrack.

Titi who has a mediocre voice 'forced' to sing a few songs in the film dangdut director Rudi Sudjarwo it. Although could not PD, but unexpectedly the community is welcome to have a song that was popular in the community's lyrics were. Although the song successfully and been nominated for MTV award, former MTV Best Model 2002 is, claims no interest in developing a career in the world of drag votes, especially dangdut music. Dara ayu now always appear with black hair opened a legamnya this Sundanese restaurant-style fast service kitchen fronts. Restaurant located on Jl. Ir.H. Juanda No.27, exactly opposite the Istana Negara, the Central Jakarta, is the form of a business dream woman Titi.

For about romance, a woman who claimed to be ready all out on the stage acting is finally married to her boyfriend who also stars Christian Sugiono soap opera. After experiencing off and on, on February 6, 2009 the couple had a wedding in Australia. Success with Jablay single in 2006, providing capital for serious Titi in the world to pull votes. Not on track but dangdut Pop R & B. The end of 2008, Titi first single release titled Better Self, and followed by a second single Huwag ka I sung a duet with Anji Drive. At the end of May 31, 2009, chanter tembang Tell You finally held her wedding reception with Tian. This reception is said to cost up to Rp3 M.


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