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Her figure is tall and beautiful is a magnet for women born in Berlin, 22 years ago. Starting from the modeling, Laura Basuki who is still in college seven semesters spread its wings to steady plunge in big screens homeland. After playing brilliantly in the movie Gara-Gara Bola in 2008 who managed to get Indonesia Movie Awards 2009 award for the category of Best Newcomer and Favorite Newcomer, Laura is now busy filming her upcoming movie with 3 Hearts, Two Worlds One Love.

The movie was directed by Benni Setiawan is Laura served as a Catholic girl who falls in love with a young man named Rosid Arab descent, played by actor winner FFI, Reza Rahardian. "I played in this movie because the story is very interesting in this film, a story daily life and do not impose any one religion," she said when met in Bogor, the location filming 3 Hearts, Two Worlds One Love.

In between the time that filming was disrupted because of the weather, fans of the movies Johnny Depp tells the interesting things during the process of this film takes place. One is a duet with Reza Rahardian who became her partner in this film. "Reza is its people so nice, talented, and helped me, so shooting this movie was fun-fun aja and there are no significant obstacles," he said again. But the obstacles he had received when I had to perform a dance Zafin be practiced two to three hours a day for one week.

Although relatively new in the film world, Laura has a standard in the roles he would play in a movie. "Because I was new in this world, I actually wrote what role does want, just do not open-aperture scene wrote, because the film's timeless and will be seen by anyone and anytime," she said. Although offered a high interest and fees that a woman who had twice this interfaith dating adding, "image is more expensive than the money."

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