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Tia Ivanka has long been thought of for divorce from George Manuel Sotello. Tia profess to accept all the consequences.

"Divorce I'm also not diputusin overnight. And now I'm receiving all this. We've tried most, but finally decided to divorce," Tia said when met at the Sample Management Office, Jl. Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (26 / 8).

Tia disclose the filing for divorce. "The lawsuit April 20, 2011, the inaugural session of May 26, 2011. However, because the decision verstek (determined without the presence of the defendant) and the decision finally officially divorced on June 9, 2011," he explained.

According to Tia, before making a divorce he had conferred with her ​​ex-husband. "I am an accountable, it's just a formality actually wrote because someone has to sue and the defendant. We've tried to maintain a marriage, it turns out it might be better split up as husband and wife but as a parent," she said.


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