Foto Aura Kasih Seksi Beautiful Legs on Stage

Aura Kasih Sexy

There are moments when she felt herself most sexy. Well, want to know at what moment the singer Aura Kasih most felt he sexy? During sleep? Not. Hmm ... when wets? Ah, it's not! So?

"I feel sexy and confident that again on the stage," Aura said when met in between concerts JAKARTA JAM! 08 at Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta, Friday (1 / 8). Then, if the daily? really. I feel normal," says vocalist who soared through the song Let Me Love this.

Even if many people who considered him sexy, might be that the style of dresses that are often minimal. "Apparel is actually depending on taste. It is also true because of the demands of work," she said. "Aura can only say thank you when many are assessing sexy. Thank you if there are people who say sexy. I still regard it as a bonus, because I prefer if spelled section of inner beauty," she explained.

If allowed to know, about which body part most proud of by Aura? "The legs," replied the owner of this tall skinny body.


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