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Tika Putri: Drinking Drugs, Eh stuck in throat

Because of childhood experiences such an impression, pesinetron, and presenter claimed abstinence Tika Putri antibiotic pills.

"I used to take medication because of baseball like the paranoid (tend to fear)," Tika said when met at the Airman Resto, Sultan Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (15/4/2010).

Tika then recounts the incident some time ago that make it thinker twice taking the drug in the form of pills. "Once when I was little I got symptoms of typhoid fever, continue taking a big-really big. To be fit to drink, stuck in the throat until the bitter baseball lost two hours," recalls Tika Putri.

The incident continues to imprint. Hence, when conditions kesehatannyasedang disrupted because of flu, he would prefer to avoid doctors. "It's just sore, not a big disease, and I have not gotten to the doctor because I hate antibiotics. So as much as possible to avoid the doctor, because I also want too much baseball chemical materials," she explained.

The solution? "The day I drink a minimum of two liters. Drink water and eat fruit Banyakin. That's pretty wrote," compressed.


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