Behind The Scene Video Clips Olla Ramlan with Mini Skirt

The host 'Dahsyat', Olla Ramlan really serious about trying their luck in the world of drag votes. The proof, Olla already made ​​a video clip.

Olla Ramlan shooting sessions in the process of making a video clip of new song titled 'Sakit Hati', in Kemang, Jakarta, Sunday (10/07/2011).

Widow of one child admitted to not expect much from this new world. However, to make a profession or continue, she will wait for listener feedback.

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Holding the microphone as he chattered as host, is not new for Olla Ramlan (31). But, do it while singing, making Olla skittish.

In a show one record company in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/06/2011), Olla brought his first single, "Hurt". When it Olla was nervous to sing love it. "Frankly I'm more excited. I have never been nervous anyway baseball ever before for the MC (master of ceremony), a soap opera. For the first time anyway so cold my hands," Olla said.

Narrated by Olla, women born in Banjarmasin, February 15, 1980, it grew in a family who likes to sing and therefore he also likes to sing. Olla admitted, family, friends, and record producer who encourage him get into the music industry, because he does not have enough confidence. "Frankly, I actually love to sing. From my family was all singing hobby. But, I do not have strong confidence to sing. But, due to be convinced by his own friends, the producer himself, finally I try lah," he said shame- shame.

As a newcomer, are now undergoing training by the vocal Olla regularly. He admitted, his voice casual. "But, thank God, it might be a suitable song for me, fits my voice, then the song is also good to hear, baseball hard-really hard, hopefully grow even more," he said. "As long as we try and do it we can, name one must practice so much better. Maybe this time I was mediocre. God willing in the future I will learn to do better. But, if that limitation in my ability that much- Just so, it means that much alone, can not get my force, so, "he continued.

After releasing the first singles, the mother of Sean Michael Alexander must also set up his first album.

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