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Artist presenter Marissa Nasution did not undergo fasting as Muslims, but if there is time and opportunity he wanted to join in. forth and celebrate togetherness with his family in Germany.

"I am not a moslem, but if going home I'd love to be given a week if I pleased. I want to go home to Germany," said Marissa.

Marissa met at the show The Declaration of Hair Unbeatable Protection, in the House of Faith Bonjol, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (18/08/2011), admitted that he had greatly missed by his father.

If you can not leave, Marissa admitted would only fill a vacation by hanging out and the roads out of town. He felt a small chance get off more than a week.

"Just hang out, eat. I myself do not fit widths here I'd be out of town," she said.

Marissa who was a speaker along with singer Rossa and Nirina Zubair in the event of The Declaration of Hair Unbeatable Protection, share experiences about hair treatments. Including talking about her beauty secrets.

"Just be your self, we do not need too much Fondation. Too much lipstick. Ga trying to be someone else. The most important thing is healthy. It is most important. Life is not always

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