Foto Jadul Ayu Azhari Seksi Bikini

Siti Khadijah Azhari, popularly known as Ayu Azhari is a model star and film actress. This Pakistani woman, has eight siblings, of whom Sarah Azhari (model and actress), Ibra Azhari and Rahma Azhari (Models).

Apart from being a model and acting stars, Ayu lately also pull votes mengeluti world. Dangdut wing new album and was launched in May 2006, of which contains two songs of his own making, Mother and I Love You So Much.

As a celebrity, Ayu traveled life's journey with twists and sensations. He has been married three times, her first husband is rocker Indonesia, Gondokusumo Djodi Vishnu, who later divorced with one child. Ayu then married with Teemu Yusuf Ibrahim, a man of Pakistani and divorced again blessed with three children.

Next, Ayu is married to Mike Tramp, one of the personnel rock band White Lion. From the Ayu and the Tramp marriage was blessed with a child who was born in late 2006.

Ayu Azhari is the eldest of the family Azhari. He is an actress and photo model. Currently age was 40 years old. However, the Pakistani woman's bloody body beauty still left a teenage girl in sexy body.

Ayu Azhari who had appeared before the officials with a thin green shirt without wearing a bra that had tried to get ahead in the elections Sukabumi but ultimately there is no party which carried.

Here are photos of bikini Ayu Azhari in the early 2000s.


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