Ayu dan Sarah Azhari Bikini Kuning di Majalah Popular

Ayu Azhari was nominated as the vice regent Sukabumi area. Although not elected, the echo Ayu's name when plunging into politics still sound today.

Ayu Azhari was not sorry when he was not elected in the election of vice-regent of Sukabumi.

"It is not yet mate, his name is also the election. But my heart remains in Sukabumi. I still support the decision of the party and candidate preferences. I do not get discouraged and disappointed. I am obedient to the party. Receive and submit the decision," Ayu said when contacted by VIVAnews telephone, 15 April 2010.

Ayu also spoke about the pursuit of his sister, Sarah who followed in his footsteps in the political arena.

Sarah, who had offered to enliven the election Pacitan, reportedly had refused and resigned as vice-regent.

"Sarah did not refuse, he'll think I first wrote. Moreover, he's busy a lot of effort, time afraid of nobody. He is also the coal business abroad with Pedro," said Ayu.

However, Ayu declined to comment when asked about the height of the artists who advanced to the elections.

"I can not like it. Since I rarely watch television. Yes, hopefully successful. Hope can get lessons. I congratulate and successful," she added.

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