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Ariel Tatum Profile & Biography

Ariel Tatum (born in Jakarta, 8 November 1996) is an Indonesian actor.

Ariel Tatum made ​​his debut in the world of feature films with a starring 'Ariel & Raja Langit' in 2005. Ariel Tatum then come into play in the film 'Oh Baby' and 'Kawin Laris'. In 2011, Ariel Tatum tried to become a singer. As a first step, Ariel Tatum invited to duet with the singer's top Indonesia, Ari Lasso to sing his latest single titled 'Karena Aku Telah Denganmu'

Soap Opera
* Abadi Untuk Selamanya (2006)
* Cinderella Boy (2007)
* Apa Ini Cinta (2007)
* Nikita
* Rafika (2009)
* Dia Bukan Anakku (2010)

* Ariel & Raja Langit (2005)
* Oh Baby (2008)
* Kawin Laris (2009)

Ariel Tatum Want to Have a boyfriend like Enrique Iglesias

Singer and newcomer sitcom actress Ariel Tatum is still very young. However, 14-year-olds already have a desirable criteria for a potential mate to be with him someday.

"I wish I had a boyfriend like Enrique Iglesias," she explained when met at Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/08/2011) night.

According to him, Enrique figure can give inspiration. Both as a man and as a singer.

"If I could a man like him I can learn a lot from him. Diajarin can sing just as he would do well not need vocal teacher," she continued.

Later, Ariel is often rumored love affair with movie player William staves. However, when it was asked directly to him, she has denied.

"If many say we are close, really close. But, we temenan really. He is kind and funny," she said, laughing.

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