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Andrea Dian Indria Sari is one of the many Indonesian artists who initially worked as a model before then plunge into acting. The name of a beautiful artist who was born in Jakarta on 11 April 1985 is getting jumped after chance going out with vocalist Kerispatih, Sammy. Even the fighting and establish a separation of two lovebirds who love long, has recently become a popular Indonesian artist gossip in the media infotainment Indonesia for some time.

Andrea Dian has also appeared in several soap operas sepertiDia, Pacarku super Star, Pink, and five episodes beginning Bukan Diriku. Dozens of titles FTV also once she played. Last week, she's shooting and Bromo in Probolinggo, this week in Bali, next week might just return to Jakarta.

Working hard without enough rest plus balanced nutrition can make rapid body drop, and even get sick. It also experienced Andrea last September. He was treated in hospital for exhaustion. All work Andrea was forced to reschedule, including interview and photo shoot for the Stars. "I entered the hospital because of dengue fever," said Andrea.

Two days later, another blood check. Leukositnya already dropped half. Platelet count also fell. His body temperature to 39 degrees. "From the neck up to the ears all red. The next morning I was immediately admitted to the hospital, "continued Andrea. Not feeling so treated in hospital, let alone infused, injected, should not be sedentary, and should not eat carelessly." Bored really. I'm doing anything baseball can. Infused twice. Swelling of both. His blood out of the hose. Like a blood donor, "so that Andrea felt. DHF is difficult to predict. Once hit, the agency confirmed completely limp. Luckily, the fifth day of Andrea's condition gradually recovered.

Andrea followed the doctor ordered for her own good. "Get out of the hospital, I went straight shooting game shows, photo shoots, and filming the television movie again." Falling sick, could be interpreted as a rebuke to Andrea over health care. Andrea is currently more diligent in cleaning the house. Every day he does not miss taking a multivitamin. Eat regularly, drink plenty of water, and more importantly, enough rest.

There also know, that makes quick pengin Andrea went home? Not a house, nor his girlfriend. "My dog ​​really ngangenin. New 12 months of age. His name is Skipper. Every day the same again ana-where I was, sleeping well with me. So, if I was sick, he was also sick. He had baseball not eat. Ask disuapin. The doctor said, ill miss you. Our already strong ties. It was he who made me pengin cepet-quick out of the hospital, "said this white girl. Got a dog at home can indeed be a pleasure. Especially if the dogs are smart and can be taught all kinds, certainly would be very nice. Andrea Skipper always treated well. "He was so cute. His eyes squint. He liked to walk alone, "said Andrea admitted to having a dog again named Baileys.

Andrea So-so friendly with dogs, but not with the lizard and chicken. Make paranoid, says Andrea. "Lizards that have a transparent body, ugly face too. If the chicken, I never pegged as a child. SD time I like ngambilin chicks. Kan funny. One day, there I Matok neighbors chickens until they bled, "the reason Andrea fear that the two animals with a chuckle. Because the idea has flaws, Andrea ignorance is often the target of his friends. While sitting at the junior high school he lived lizard given gift wrapped neatly. "It was the 14th anniversary. Sports pool runs out, my friends give us gifts. Once opened the contents lizard. I immediately cried, "the story of Andrea recalled.

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