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Lebaran becomes an important moment to gather with family and mutual forgiveness, forgive. Ayu Azhari artist this year will celebrate Lebarannya in Jakarta, visiting relatives of the older (elder), given that both parents are also no longer exist.

"I'm widths in Jakarta alone, visiting the sepuhlah because my parents are not around. I'm gathering the families of older that still exist," said Ayu Azhari Kramat Hospital, Central Jakarta some time ago.

Older brother of Sarah and Rahma Azhari is going through Lebaran without kin. The reason, her sisters are also busy with their respective activities. "Sarah's back to the lecture Amrik, Rahma have my own show times yes," she said.

Ayu Azhari in Kramat Hospital, Jakarta in order to explore the role of a doctor who fight against the disease Lupus. In a movie called LUPUS mother of six children were assigned to provide therapy and support to people with lupus.


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