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Popular Name: Chelsea Olivia
Real Name: Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Born: Jakarta - Indonesia, 29 Juli 1992

Biography Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia Wijaya was born in Jakarta, on July 29 1992. Chelsea had begun to be known to be public since starring in the success film of the RING with his role as Sasta. The film that carried in RCTI, was starred in by him with Ririn Dwi Arianty, Baim Wong, as well as Dude Herlino. After that the offer was in the film arrived to him. Chelsea also had an opportunity to star in the film of PUTRI PENGGODA with Mischa Chandrawinata, the brother from the former Indonesian daughter of Nadine Chandrawinata. Now for the role affair, this youth star more liked the role of the protagonist than the role of the antagonist, that for him not all that familiar for the spectator.

Apart from playing Chelsea's film also entered to the world attracted the voice with BBB (Not Bintang Biasa) that have a membership actress young like: Laudya Chintya Bella, Raffi Achmad, Dimas Beck, and Beautiful Shita under the singer's guidance and the composer of the Melly Goeslaw song. At this time Chelsea established relations with Glenn Alinskie, the young actor who also played with him in the NAYLA. Before the DIARY film, Chelsea established the love with the young actor Ricky Harun, Donna Harun son's. Now, she in relationship with young actor, Glen Alinskie

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