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Dude Has Meet Asmirandah family

Dude Herlino relationships and Asmirandah seemed more serious. They claim to have family on both sides meet each other.

It was announced by Dude and Asmirandah when found press conference 'Merits of Ramadhan RCTI' Cone on FX, FX Plaza, South Jakarta, Friday (22/07/2011). Dude explains that both families had known each other.

"Did you know for sure, I just mama papa Andah (Asmirandah) from the first, Andah also been known as my parents," he said.

Although already know each other, both families were never urged them to get married. But they had yet to determine when to get married.

"The plan in life there must be yes if God wills, but it Nested first," he concluded.

Dude Herlino artist couples and later admitted Asmirandah serious with their relationship. However, it does not mean they want to get married. In fact, both the Dude and Andah equally kepikiran yet to formalize their relationship.

"No kepikiran to get there (get married). I did not have a target. Diomongin else yet," said Andah met at the show 'LA Lights Indie Movie: Movie Gue Gue Method' in PPHUI, Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (29 / 4 / 2011).

Andah admitted to the relationship casual affair. However, although not thought about marriage, he had a serious view in matters of romance.

"Love is more to communication, because it is more important," he explained.

By Dude, the film stars 'In Mihrab Love' was also claimed to support one another in any case. Including, a new flurry Andah as a director.

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