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Back Acting, Marini Zumarnis Drain Tears

After shooting 1-year break from the world of soap operas, Marini Zumarnis will try out his acting skills back in the soap opera Love Kamila sheen. Met on the sidelines of filming in the area Rempoa, South Jakarta, Thursday (04 / 3), confessed Marini Zumarnis need to adapt back to the tight schedule that now every week filming must dilakoninya.

Marini Zumarnis frank that he was shocked at first when it comes to shooting from Monday to Saturday, even until the early morning had he lived. "But my soul is well in the world of soap operas, so well and miss the spirit again," said Marini Zumarnis.

Solid schedule must now not only affects dilakoninya Marini Zumarnis only one, but also her children, which he often used to accompany the homework, now must learn to be independent. Even so, Marini Zumarnis said that her children no one protests.

Acting clashing with players younger, she felt as a challenge. 'Players' on-time too, nice environment. It's the role I am a new well, it must be exhausting and emotional, the tears drain too, "said Marini Zumarnis excited.

In this latest soap opera, Marini Zumarnis will act as Farah, a young mother who has a son named Kamila, played by Asmirandah. In a set time for the family, the weekend he used as a day to cook together or riding in the Peak.

"It should maximize the time. Everything I do at home. Sport wrote at home. Luluran at home. So if you go it's just filming wrote," she said.

When asked about the opinion of the husband was associated with Marini Zumarnis's return to the soap opera world, she replied, "My husband really support. Communication also be a lot easier through BB and phone."


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