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Alyssa Soebandono requested video Desta kiss with a widely circulated in cyberspace is no longer extended. According to the artist who called Icha it, let's just see the kissing scene like usual.

"Think of it like ntn film where the scene as it was used. Hehe. Whatever org talking about me, I accept it all," writes Icha on his Twitter account on Tuesday (23/08/2011) at approximately 20:00 pm.

"And it's all done in the video who they will be reasonable people who are still normal courtship, not a sex tape or other pornography," she said.

Is this the movie star It's Love is also refusing to talk further related videos that have admitted it. Artists who've now aged 19 years was only willing to clarify via Twitter account.

"And about this news, I will not say 2x. I ckp clarification once and if anyone who asked them please see my timeline. Thanks to all who support me sdh. Krn whatever happens I will still live my life without talking about hrs news, "he continued.

As reported previously, a video titled 'Alyssa Soebandono n Desta holiday' starts posted since August 21, 2011, by the account owner Gembalgembil. Video duration of 29 seconds allegedly taken during Desta and Alyssa was on holiday in London, England.

In the video it looks Desta and Alyssa are in one of the historic and monumental center of downtown London. In the video that was taken directly by Desta, Desta Alyssa and engaging conversation.

"It's the Heart of London. And it has no history. If diceritain long. But the point was demonstrated for the people we love. That will be our witness," said Alyssa facing the camera.

"Who do you love?" Said Desta. Alyssa did not answer the question Desta. He immediately moved over to the film actor's Get Married. Without many words, the artist who once rumored to be dating a Pasha 'Ungu' immediately land a kiss on the cheek and lip Desta.


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