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Donita targeted by Youth Villages

Actress slender, Donita (22), it is still not sufficiently studied the role in a horror movie. In fact, four of the seven films that she starred in the horror genre, ranging from ngesot Sister, The Maling Kuburans, Pocong Roving, until Pocong House Awful. Still less what?

"I want to play a horror movie with a kind of thriller or a psychological approach," said the owner's real name is Noni Anissa Ramdhani in Bandung, West Java, on Sunday (21 / 8).

When found, Donita are following the premiere of the film Pursue Jodoh You're caught with Bertrand Antolin. In the film, she played a Farah Dillon, a famous model, who chased Asep, a youth village. The film, directed Indrayanto Kurniawan is indeed very thick insert Sundanese culture.

However, although fathers Bandung, Donita was not asked to speak a Sundanese dialect. Farah character that he brought was a modern girl with an accent typical of the capital.

During the shooting of this film, according to Donita, he was most impressed with a village in Citeureup, Bogor regency. The location is difficult to reach. From Jakarta to the toll it takes 1 hour, then added two more hours to the location shooting, and difficult to reach remote settlements transportation. "The place is remote, such as where people dispose of the child," she said.

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