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Noni Anisa Ramadhani ( Donita ) Profile & Biography :

Donita has a full name Noni Anissa Ramadhani, born in Bandung, West Java, February 14, 1989. She is known as a model, film star, and actress.

Romantic Film, Donita Kissing with Marcel Chandrawinata

In a film that lifts romance drama, Marcel Chandrawinata and Donita prosecuted involved an intimate scene: kissing. Admittedly they are, despite some doubts, but in the name of professionalism, they are required to melakoninya.

"How ya, Marcel?" Donita asked when the mention of lip kissing scene in the film after watching their first movie, dashed, at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/25/2011).

Rada bit shy, Donita explained the chronology of the scene he called out that scenario. "Yeah, so excited while doing that scene because before we knew there must be a baseball scene. Pas during take, director directing improv that we both do real kiss," said Donita.

As with any opponent, Marcel also claimed had been ambushed feeling dag dig dug during a scene one time take it. Said Marcel, both the heart beat faster.

"We're excited. I hold the chest and Donita Donita chest hold me, feel our heart beat faster," added Marcel.

After engaging the scene, said Donita, she and Marcel had felt chaotic and uncoordinated. "So, after the kiss, I was confused about how to act anymore because so excited. A moment later the director says cut and connect again the scene," said Donita.

In the film, both acting as lovers. Although limited to acting, it still made him uncomfortable scene. "Actually I feel uncomfortable. But how else would I have to do it because I was part of the profession as a movie player. Nothing ever gimana-gimana feelings by Marcel. Yes because the extent of doing the acting," said Donita.

Problem scenes that one, from the outset acknowledged there had been in the scenario. Only, he thought that the scene can be tricked by the trick of the camera. "So did baseball have done real scene image. I think it was limited with his back to the camera or camera trickery. But when the scene is one that, inevitably there must be a new improvisation," he said.

Donita explains, far prior to shooting events, he had asked for input from the mother. So what did she say? "Mama had forbidden me before. Mama told me not to. But yes how, I'm trying to professionals and a maximum effort. Praise be ...," tekannya.

"After all, I saw that scene as something that is not porn, not vulgar. It's part of the story of love experienced by lovers. And I'm trying to explore these characters, then I should be able to describe being in a state of falling in love with Bannerman ( character played by Marcel), "close the woman who plays Cindy in the first drama genre film.

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