Foto Syur Terbaru Chantal Della Concetta

Chantal Della Concetta is a presenter who is familiar with our eyes on RCTI where, recently there is news about hot Chantal Della Concetta picture at FHM magazine is now becoming a byword in FMH magazine that there are some photos of Chantal Della Concetta with a variety of poses, and in the photo in the magazine looks a tattoo of Chantal Della Concetta

Profile Chantal Della Concetta

Chantal Della Concetta, born in Bandung, July 27, 1980, is newspresenter RCTI. Chantal journalist began his career at Metro in 2001, then he moved to RCTI in 2007. The name Chantal is a combination of names from several countries in the world. Chantal (French) means singing, Della (Latin) means good-hearted, and Concetta (Italian) means pure.

Chantal has been married to Hans Lazuardi and has one son in 2004 and a daughter in 2009 named Nathaniel Trevor Lazuardi and Mazel Peach Lazuardi

Foto Syur Terbaru Chantal Della Concetta


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