Foto Panas Aura Kasih Sexy Performance on Stage

Aura Kasih began her career as Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing the province of Lampung. Angel Seducer first album is released in the year 2008 with the hits single, Let Love. The song is famous as a singles dance-hall ..

Although Aura Kasih not have a strong vocal quality, but he knows how to "defend itself" in the market competition in the Indonesian music industry. Indeed, he brings a fresh and unique taste in music of Indonesia, Shaggy-style reggae. As one of Indonesian Artist Sexy, appealnya she uses sex to attract more viewers by showing her sexy body and long legs for the audience. Other songs such as Aura Kasih Cinta treasure, crazy about you, Currency Basket, Long Distance and Puncak Asmara.

Foto Super Hot Aura Kasih Sexy Performance on Stage

Since the first day of mat-scale car modification of the National contest was held a lot of entertainment that is displayed. On the second day was festive evening peak car modification contest Djarum Black Autoblackthrough Final Battle more so when the Aura appears to entertain the whole Hall A Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), Sunday (29/11).

Exactly at 21.00 WIB Aura went on stage to entertain visitors who had been waiting for him. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing the province of Lampung favor songs on her first album Let Love managed to amaze the audience. Appearing before hundreds of spectators dressed in sexy police make a girl born in Bandung, February 23, 1988 looks very interesting. At least eight songs with the beat tones sung singer whose full name is Sanny Aura Syahrani.

More festive atmosphere as Aura invite one member of the Black Motorcycle Community (BMC) to sing with him. BMC members thunderous cheers when Aura tries to seduce his partner. After appearing, who had interviewed Aura team claimed an annual event sponsored by Djarum Black is very positive for young people. "Her show is fun, so a positive event for young people divert their activities to a positive direction that modifications to the car. What I see them cool, they're great-really great," said Aura.

Plump-bodied singer is claimed to have modify some parts of his private car type Toyota Fortuner and Honda CRV 2009. Some cars I've (dimodif) yes most wheel and tire dressing. Tires and wheels replace my standard, chrome wheels and tires are larger and perhaps the interior called the standard car so i gantiin sunroof. "Clear cast films titled Two Diana Asmara.


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