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Bella Saphira Profile

Full Name: Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjuntak
Nick Name: Bella Saphira
Place / Date of Birth: Magelang, August 6, 1973
Nationality: Indonesia
Last Education: S1 economics Trisakti
Occupation: singers
Favorite Musician: Mariah Carey
Favourite Movie Star: Mel Gibson
Favourite Author:
Height: Weight: 165 cm / 50 kg
Size: Shirt: S Pants: M Shoes: 37

Bella Saphira Biography

Bella Saphira artist born in Magelang, Central Java, 6 August 1973 Indonesia is the artist as a singer and actress and television soap operas. Previous cultivate the field of acting and singing, Bella Saphira also had to cultivate the field of modeling.

It all started when bella where her nickname was selected as a finalist 'GADIS SAMPUL', It was after his election bid appears to be a model for tawawr advertising various products. Bella career which began to climb when he was elected to Favorites option B intang Lux community.. not only the world of modeling just that they do, depart from previous experience bella steady for venturing into the world of drag votes because bella in 1991 ve earned a finalist Voice of Asia, so no doubt the vocal ability of these Protestant religious artist. Unlike other artists have to be an actress even though bella, bella but could continue his studies at the University of Trisakti until a bachelor's degree in economics 1995. Not only is the modeling world and the world of drag votes, the art world, too, the role taken by bella proved by starring in several soap operas including the title, Wow beautiful!!, Keep Walking Time, Dewi Fortuna, Di Antara Dua Pilihan..

"What is behind the name of Bella Saphira?”

Full name is "Bella Saphira Veronica Simanjunta" has a deep meaning behind the name is. Dalam Bahasa Italy, Bella means beautiful, While the name is taken from the rock Saphira Sapphire, which means the symbol for people born in the month semptember.. Bella Saphira tablets instead of the birth of August yes??… heheheh .. she does that on the field Omanya, which contribute to giving the name was not menyadar meaning of the word sapphire is for people born in September.

"What happens in his personal life?”

Maybe someone already know bella is a former member of parliament we are Adjie Massaid. They are used to build rope you in for about 20 months or almost 2 year, but ultimately lose the. Until now bella is still not married still single ... any interest???

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