Foto Seksi Celine Evangelista di Majalah Popular

Celine Evangelista Show Sexy Not Seeking Popularity

For Celine Evangelista look sexy in the movie is not to seek popularity. She's just trying to look as demanded only. If it were just looking for popularity, says this Italian virgin birth, not just in movies alone, can in many ways.

"As adult men's magazine photo shoot, it's sexy and I do not want too much because it could damage the image.'s why I was several times refused the offer several times," Celine Evangelista said.

When visited in FX Plaza Jakarta, Tuesday, Celine Evangelista declared its existence in the world of acting as a hobby. But she did not deny that they do in the world right now there is commercial value. In fact, she'd be willing to stop focusing on school.

"I just graduated from homeschool, for while I focus here first, did not know until when. I have not had a shadow. I'm serious here," she admitted.

As a player who learned self-taught, Celine Evangelista has starred in soap operas is this the taste. She was fun to find his world. "I'm happy here, if popularity can be reached by road anywhere," she concluded.

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