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Mahohara Odelia Pinot (born Manohara Odelia Man in Jakarta, Indonesia on 28 February 1992) is an Indonesian model. She holds dual Indonesian and American citizenship and is of mixed Caucasian and Indonesian Bugis ancestry. She married Malaysian Kelantanese prince Tengku Muhammad Fakhry on 26 August 2008.

Manohara's biological father George Manz, is an American citizen. Manohara’s mother, Daisy, has had several failed relationships. Her first husband was Edy, an Indonesian, followed by American George Manz, who is the biological father of Manohara. Daisy took Manohara away from him when she was aged two, 15 years ago.

Daisy then married Thomas Klouman from Norway followed by Juergen Reiner Noack-Pinot, a Frenchman. Manohara carries the name Pinot until now although her personal documents, including the US passport, carries the Manz surname.

Daisy fled France in 2007 with Manohara and another daughter Dewi after Saliha made a police report against Daisy and Pinot alleging sexual and physical abuse. Saliha allegations of rape, including forcible masturbation, were subsequently proven and Juergen Reiner Noack-Pinot, was then convicted as sexual offender, for sexual abuse of a domestic servant, who was also legally her stepdaughter (Saliha), by Pinot. Daisy was jailed 18 months in absentia while Pinot got four months. She is still a wanted women in France for "submitting a vulnerable and dependent person to undignified working conditions and assault since 1998"

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Foto Seksi Manohara menikmati pesta

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