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Lorraine Wulan Guritno, artist born in London, England, 14 April 1980, which now resides in Indonesia this is a sitcom actress, model, movie player sekalligus Indonesia .. Wulan is a mixture of Java - english ...

Wulan Guritno began his career when he became a football presenter who often greeted viewers at home. Even at the age of 13 years, he's had a relationship with Attila Syach, because they have to school in London for three years then the relationship is over, but after returning to Indonesia wulan establish Attila Syach love back together, because reportedly pregnant out of wedlock last quarter Attila Syach married and has a daughter named Shaloom Syach Razadee. After several years of marriage they finally divorced as well, besides her husband menuduhh Wulan never living for a family member, also has a temperamental nature of the coarse and rough and frequently do. This was reinforced when attalita caught in the quarter and Nugie stay in one room, but only a quarter claimed to learn singing from Nugie.

In addition to his personal life, quarter in the entertainment world is also quite popular with the star in several films, soap operas, music video model and TV presenter.

Some who've starred in the film is Joni's Promise, Chase Jakarta, Naga Bonar So 2, Sister N, Automatic Romance, and Love .... Besides films, this one artist had also starred in several titles including 3 ½ Women's soap opera, what my heart said, If Tomorrow Arrives, Borobudur, said Tinular, and many more.

Full Name: Lorraine Guritno Wulan
Call Name: Wulan Guritno
TTL: in London, 14 April 1980
Husband Name: Attila Syach (divorced)
Name of Child: Syaloom Syach Razade
Last Education: Taliaconti London Academy of Theatre Art
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 168 cm
Hobbies: Shopping, Travel along Shaloom
Favorite Books: The Famous
Favourite movie: The Famous
Favorite Music: The Famous
Favorite TV Show: Simple, Fun, and educated

-Soap opera / FTV-

* 3 half woman
* What My Heart Words
* When you arrive tomorrow (FTV)
* Borobudur
* Speech Tinular
* Love Contract
* From temen So Amendment
* In Between Two Sides
* Forbidden Love
* Where I'm Here (FTV)
* Two Hearts together
* Dunia Tanpa Koma
* Two Love Elegy
* Because of the Alley Cat
* Honorary
* Your Name whereof I
* Escape from a Dream (FTV)
* Merciful
* Creatures of Midnight (FTV)
* Mama
* Love
* The Mystery of the Volcano
* Mystery A pair of Hearts (FTV)
* Prince Betawi
* Pondok Indah 1
* Love Aisha
* Charmed


* Janji Joni (2005)
* Gie (2005)
* Pursue Jakarta (2005)
* Naga Bonar (So) 2 (2007)
* Sister N (2007)
* Automatic (2008)
* Love (2008)


* Highlight the Italian League (2001) (RCTI)
* Lega Calcio (2001) (RCTI)
* Gebyar BCA (2001) (accompanying)
* World Cup-Tainment (2002) (RCTI)
* Euro (2004) (RCTI)
* Highlight the Formula 1 (2005) (GLOBAL TV)
* League 2007 (2007) (LATIVI)
* Four Eyes Sahur (2007) (Trans 7)


* Moistra
* Explorade
* Public service ads on Bird Flu
* Public Service Ads on Dengue Fever

-MODEL-Video Clips

* Band Samsons


* Nomination Panasonic Awards 2005 Presenter Sports
* Supporting Actor Nomination Women's Film Festival Indonesia 2005
* The Most Favourite Supporting Actress MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2007


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