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Noni Anisa Ramadhani ( Donita ) Biography :

Donita has a full name Noni Anissa Ramadhani, born in Bandung, West Java, February 14, 1989. She is known as a model, film star, and the big screen.

Stars who had been a model of advertising Zinc Shampoo, Tissue Tessa had never starred in several soap operas, among them CINTA FITRI, BENCI JADI CINTA, MAK COMBLANG, SUMPAH GUE SAYANG LO, MAKIN SAYANG, DEWA ASMARA.

Also stars FTV 100% and LOVE WHEN I HAD BOYFRIENDS started its action on the big screen in 2007, through a horror movie ngesot SISTER. A year later, Donita play as a supporting actor in the film bestfriend? (2008)

Donita was established in love with pesinetron Randy Velasquez. They played together in the soap opera Cinta Fitri. But the interfaith couples love affair did not last this long. They separated in August 2008.

Successfully perform in the arena singing contest Supermama make Aquarius zodiac owner has had the courage to try the world of drag votes. Currently, Donita is busy preparing his solo album which is planned to circulate in the year 2009. His solo album will be pop genre and brought the 10 songs with the hit single Love Not Perfect and Not Like You.

Being an artist of physical perfection becomes the main thing. But for Donita who appears to have abnormalities in the leg and back muscles. But this does not make it inadequate. Realizing this could eventually interfere with his health, Donita began diligently consulting and doing physiotherapy.

Mid-July 2009, the fabric of love Donita and Randy back in bloom. Both re-committed to be lovers.

Donita back role on the big screen, this time with the genre of comedy, THE MALING KUBURANS (2009).

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