Rahma Azhari Hot Bikini

Rahma Azhari or full name Rahma Syahidah Azhari, born 17 September 1981, known as the star model and soap opera actress. He is one of eight brothers 'families celebrities' Azhari, who is known for full sensation and controversy.

In this section of women historically have contained a fetus that was not known when his father, because it was public knowledge Rahma was not married. Labor was finally walking on the 'exile', which is far from the reach infotainment.

The reappearance of the Oceans Camilla's mother was, followed later marriage to a businessman Alfay Rauf on June 10, 2003. However, their marriage tip of the problem, since the father Rauf, Nurman Diah revealed that children born Rahma at the time, not the fruit of the marriage with his son.

In the midst of his family's circumstances, relationships and Rauf Rahma increasingly involved in the case of taper after a fight at Blowfish,Jamsostek tower, Sunday (4 / 11) morning at 02.30. Rahma claimed seven attacked by her husband's friends. Rahma result should be treated in hospital.

As a result of the beating incident, Rahma sued her husband for divorce, Rauf on November 12, 2007. And on February 13, 2008, bearing the official Rahma widowhood. While child custody, Raisya, was under the care Rahma, because Raisya not the biological son of Rauf.

At the end of November 2008, appeared the photographs Rahma exciting and hot with her sister, Sarah Azhari on the internet. Rahma and Sarah is currently being reviewed the authorities relating to supply photographs of their exciting on the internet freely. In this case, finally Sarah Azhari reported Roy Suryo to the police due to the Rahma and her reputation was stained by Roy statements in several media.

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