Foto Seksi Nova Eliza Olahraga Pose

Actress Nova Eliza feel fitter thanks to yoga and pilates. He has been in the sport's two different years on the range. "I go into yoga for five years, while the new pilates this year," said Nova in Kemang, South Jakarta, Saturday (13 / 3).

Before opening his own studio in six months ago, the original women's movement in Aceh is common practice yoga and pilates with my beloved husband, Mirwan Suwarso, twice a week at home. "We often bring home personal trainer," said Nova Eliza.

Nova also has a lot of benefit from yoga and pilates. For example, a shrinking body weight after giving birth or thoughts more clearly. "I can lose 12 pounds with these two sports. I also do not easily stressed, "said the woman who was born June 4, 29 years ago.


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