Vicky Shu di Majalah Popular Photo

Vicky Shu, Choosing Sporty Than Sexy

Always look sexy in every appearance makes Vicky Shu gets sexy image. But the girl born in Cilacap, 24 years ago is more like called sporty. That is because Vicky Shu always appear energetic.

"If that let people judge. If it is spelled section view of people. If I may fall more sporty time yah. Because originally I was energetic and attractive, well not really a tomboy, but which sexy girls also do not, well not really girly, "says the owner's full name is Vicky Veranita Yudhasoka on RCTI Studio some time ago.

Careers in the world of drag votes Vicky Shu started as a background singer famous singer homeland, namely Mulan Jameela. Since then her career began to rise.

As a solo female singer, Vicky Shu singing style heavily influenced by female musicians. By carrying out the universal pop music and always display the choreography in each appearance, create a sexy image attached to girl.

"From childhood I listened to many types of music, so much inspiration. And it gives me many ideas and inspiration in music. I'm more into female musicians only. If the add the section, it still is up man wrote, "Vicky Shu lid which also has business Syushu brand shoes with it.


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