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Chacha Frederica is sinetron actress have blood netherland, Tionghoa and Jawa born in Jakarta, 8 November 1989. Many sinetron pass her starting and she more often antagonist character . Kisah Sedih Di Hari Minggu is sinetron make her name is famous. For now she study in Swiss-German Univerity (SGU) in BSD Tangerang in Bussiness Administration.

Chacha Frederica: Fasting That Hold Lust

On the occasion of Ramadan this year, artist Chacha Frederica with some friends, on Thursday (25 / 8) yesterday held a joint iftar with orphans at D'Lounge, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

What is the meaning of Eid by artist on this one? "Today the victory after 30 days. And God willing, we found the nights Laylat al qodar. Fitr, a day to celebrate for 30 days we are fasting," she explained.

Everyone must have their own expectations in a month full of blessings and forgiveness is. Similarly, the perceived Chacha. He hopes to be better than last year, and more wise in thought and emotion control.

"Because fasting is not just hunger or thirst. God will give us a strong reason why we were told ngelakuin something. By fasting we learn to restrain the passions. Why? So we are not as rich beast," said Chacha


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