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The singer and soap star Intan Nuraini finally express the ins and outs about the relationship with her ​​future husband, Donny Azman Putra. Diamond acknowledged, before determining a wedding date in October, Donny has been proposed a few days after he celebrated his birthday the 26th year on 23 March.

This event, recognized women born March 23, 1985 this had made ​​him believe. "Yes, when it happened on March 23 (Wednesday, 23/03/2011) is a typical day. The family is still busy working on. Three days later than the 23rd, or 26th (Saturday, 03/26/2011) of his proposal . So, wait for all the family can come, "says the singer of 'gubrak' is when found in the area of ​​Tebet, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/07/2011).

It only took one month to decide to apply for Donny Diamond. "We do not want long courtship, marriage would directly deh," added the former lover of this Gunawan Sahrul after trying on wedding dress, prepared to commemorate his prewedding held before entering the month of Ramadan this year.

"We do not want her application involves many parties. Pray for ya, hope everything is well," added the band's main opponent 'mayor' in the movie Good Love it.

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