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soap star and presenter of music Tika Putri not think if his appearance in the film Queen Bee got a place in the category of Favorite Female major player in the event the Indonesian Movie Award (IMA) 2010.

"I've been thinking about baseball during the work can be nominated, but thank God that now can be nominated," Tika said when met at the press conference IMA 2010, at the Sultan Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday (15/4/2010).

In the event the IMA 2010, Tika who compete acting with senior actors Muchus Mathias will be competing with Atiqah Hasiholan (Jamila and the President), aty Kanser (Emak Want Pilgrimage), Fanny Fabriana (Days To Amanda), and Leony VH (Identity ). "I never expected baseball like that, but thank God the Lord I love the chance to dapatin it," said Tika.

For Tika seeded on the nomination was a surprise. "So it seems fitting this nomination can really surprise and I'm very happy," she said.

Looking back, Tika felt his hard work in making the film paid off after entering the Queen Bee in the nomination. "Queen Bee struggle really mad, I must be a child of 17 years, son of presidential candidate (candidates). I was sick and then I relapsed acute gastritis even when shooting events were added music (Derings Trans)," said Tika.

However, if after all Tika not successfully won the award for Favorite Actress IMA 2010, he admitted that he will not be disappointed. "Ah baseball, if not can I regret baseball, baseball race me," she said.

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