Foto Seksi Terbaru Citra Kirana 2011

Sinetron actress 'Putri Yang Ditukar', Citra Kirana (17), now look thinner. Apparently in recent months Citra body weight decreased by approximately 3 kilograms of the previous 58 kg.

"I deliberately diet. You see that in front of the camera, right, look 5 pounds greater than the original weight. To be more unsightly, I diet," says this girl plays the 171 centimeter.

Image on a diet by replacing his dinner by eating fruits. "Sometimes also eat bread, but lots of baseball. More fruits," said Citra Kirana.

Hope High School Student class III Mother, Jakarta, is also offset her diet with exercise. Every morning Citra Kirana of riding a stationary bike at her home about 30 minutes.

"Now I'm pretty satisfied with my performance. In the camera look thinner. But, according to friends at the shooting location of baseball changed a lot anyway," said Citra said, chuckling.

After completing national exams this year, Citra plans to leave one year before going on to college education. "I want to focus first on a career," said Citra Kirana is also playing in the Safa and Marwah. Although on leave, Citra plans to stay the course a number of subjects in order to keep his mind sharpened, and as stock later lectures.


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