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Who is not familiar with the seven virgins who collaborated in the vocal group SHE? One of their personnel - Melly Herlina , who is also believed to be the vocalist of the band SHE, turned out to be a basketball babes.

Melly was born in Bandung, April 17, 1983. The youngest of three brothers are very eager to answer questions from the team about yourself and love with the sport of basketball.

"From school I've loved basketball. But at my school was more support for entry into the choir group. So I would choose songs and not playing basketball," said Melly SHE.

While in high school, Joey joined the basketball team Bandung SMAN 1 and began undergoing two favorite activities [basketball and singing].

Melly increasingly understand the world of basketball, when the seeds of love grow between him and a basketball player from the club Flexi Garuda Bandung, Firmansyah. The seeds of love that finally brought them to the level of marriage in 2002.

"Every time the word exercise, I was always invited to the training. So I understand the world around perbasketan from the Word team," said Melly.

Not only is the notion of world basketball, Melly perbasketan any opinion about the world in Indonesia. "If I judge from my point of view, the world perbasketan in Indonesia there are always ups and downs. There are moments where basketball had become a prestigious sport and there are moments where the basketball itself is recede," said Melly.

Not just opinions, but also misplaced expectations about the development of the basketball world in Indonesia. "I hope the world can raise perbasketan-name athletes and the achievements gained atlitnya must remain proud," said Melly.

SHE would make a song about sports? Melly also answers the question with a smile. "A bit heavy if you make a song about the sport, particularly perbasketan. We must work hard and in us to be completely inculcated for the heroic spirit and arranges his songs," said Melly.

It's OK koq mba Melly, we are definitely waiting for the song from the band women's basketball SHE, spirit!


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