Galeri Foto Jadul Lyra Virna Seksi di Majalah ME

Love is blind. Lyra Virna artist reportedly fell in love with Anjasmara. Of course this news is surprising because Anjasmara Dian Nitami husband. "His name is in love, be grateful without seeing him Metromini driver," she said about the role that acted in the soap opera Bachelors. In the soap opera's production of Multivision Plus, she was appointed director Ahmad Yusuf became Regina. Egi - greeting Regina - was the only child of college professors at a university faculty kedoteran. Egi character bitchy and spoiled because it was too dear grandmother. She admitted Egi really different with the character. "It pengennya diperhatiin Egi, ama mulu angry girlfriend. If I were mostly silent," said long-haired woman. In addition, she claimed more bitchy than Egi. Women born in Palembang, South Sumatra, March 14, 1981 was admitted receiving an offer to play in this soap opera as directed by Ahmad Yusuf and play with Anjasmara. In fact, he immediately agreed Egi role without reading the scenario first. "All this could only hear Anjasmara meranin various roles," said the woman was a snake lover. Having seen firsthand, she admitted impressed because before acting, Anjas casual. However, when shooting, issued a direct Anjas Batak dialect with an expression of cool and really like the driver Metromini. Seeing Anjas acting, she admitted blank. In fact, he admitted that Anjas indeed deserve the best actor award. "Just understand why AA awarded nearly every year," said Lyra.


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