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Intan Nuraini (born in Jakarta, March 23, 1985) is Indonesian soap opera actor.

Before plunging into the entertainment world, Intan Nuraini first election following the event “GADIS Sampul” model in 2001, and he was elected as a champion to 2. In 2007, Intan Nuraini penetrated into the world of drag votes, and now he has released one album entitled “Penguasa Lelaki”. In addition, Intan is also starring in ads in 2003 Sunsilk shampoo and ads in 2009 Emeron.

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Intan Nuraini artist will soon release the bachelor in October. Intan will dipersunting a bank employee named Donny Azwan Son. Diamonds are found when fitting wedding dress in the boutique Atmanto Amy said, the marriage later would use the two peoples.

"Candidates from Padang, Intan Betawi. Akad nikah and reception Padang wear traditional Betawi traditional wear," Diamond said when met at Amy's Boutique Atmanto, Jalan Tebet Timur Raya No. 46, Jakarta, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

Diamond said, he would wear a wedding dress design Atmanto Amy, for both the ceremony and the reception. He considered the design of Amy's clothes are very nice.

"I'm delighted to be able to chance clothes he designed. At first let go, given the clothes are good," she said.

Before deploying a wedding, Diamond and her husband plan to do photo prewed. However, to date, he said, still adjusting to the schedule meraka both.

"Fitting it does from now, but the place is still adjusting," she said.

Meanwhile, Amy said he was happy to get chance to design a wedding dress Intan. "Thank you allowed to make clothing," says Amy.

Diamond was first known through his friend Donny. From the introduction that their relationship continued to grow until deciding to get serious.

When the age of five-month courtship they were walking, Donny decided to propose to her. He gladly accepted the proposal. He felt having the same goal with Donny in looking at the relationship in which they live.

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