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Wiwid Gunawan Profile :

Real Name : Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi
Name : Wiwid Gunawan
Born : Bandung, 12 Juni 1982
Father Name : Dudung Gunawan
Mother Name : Siti Amalia
Education : Strata 1, Department of Management, Padjadjaran Bandung

* Kawin Kontrak (2008)
* Pulau Hantu 2 (2008)
* Kawin Kontrak Lagi (2008)
* Takut: Faces of Fear (2008) - Segmen Peeper
* Wakil Rakyat (2009)
* Ngebut Kawin (2010)

image sexy and seductive girl in every actress and her acting makes the movie star Wiwid Gunawan bit stifling. Lately, women whose real name is Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi decided not to accept the offer of acting that indulgence in her sexiness. "If the next movie yet, because I do not want to play a movie that's it," said Wiwid in Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, Thursday (3 / 3).

Some producers were openly offering exciting featured in the film with elements of sex lately rife. But do not want to get a negative stamp of the society, he rejected the offer despite the fee offered was tempting. "Kan can usually characters that teaser, I want nunjukin my other characters. Kan I also can play a serious film with a severe scenario, "said the Ghost Island 2 star of this movie. Not because of refusing sustenance, but until now the role that he has received always the same.

Therefore, Wiwid pleaded not accept the offer of acting back and choose another field. The reason, he was afraid of his ability in the world of entertainment will not expand. "The offer that movie a lot, but similar with the same characters. And it is hard for PH asked me with a character like that. So I would not want to have to refuse, "he said. Therefore, he prefers film genre than the genre of social comedy and action but it smells like sex. "Besides playing a comedy but if it ends the same body indulgence in a lie," she concluded.

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