Foto Seksi Gita Sinaga 2011

After the success in acting, film Gita Sinaga players try their luck in the fashion world. Recognized Gita, tested the world of business turned out to require more patience.

"Yes, it takes patience. How to sell products, and know the taste of the market. But the building manager said there was a date-date-quiet crowded sales. So the ups and downs," the story of Gita in an interview at Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (1 / 6 / 2011).

Three years is a movie star's Mysteries Ghosts Cellular are diving business. Some challenges are often faced. Gita even had time to change the name of the store with the store hoping for a new fortune. "When it's called the G Collection. New early this year so pin Store," says Gita.

Even so, the Gita does not sour face ups and downs in business. Gita even intend to re-explore its business in the culinary field. "Want to open a restaurant, Mama's good cooking by chance really. Batak and Chinese cuisine. But new kepengin wrote, do not know when direalisasiin," he said.

Gita desire to do business is buoyant. This was done so as not to always depend on others. "In addition, women's baseball can depend on other people, baseball can be a parasite.'ll Be much appreciated it," due diligence.


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