Tamara Bleszynski Hot Pose with Glamour Gown 2011

Days of Love by right enjoyed by Mike Lewis. Not only manage multiple needs of the feast, the husband of Tamara Bleszynski should also be ready mentally abandoned household assistant. FTV subscription state actors that will stay in Jakarta during the Lebaran holidays.

Let alone bothered scared, man berkebangsaan Canada is on the spirit. Because, in his native country, he never used the assistant housekeeping services. "Easy is able to self-governance of all. If you normally ask any assistants, can own this time. I'm glad the wife, can equal my child," said Mike.

Household tasks, for him, it was not difficult to do. If the heart break that usually digeber FTV syuting in Bali, man is not shy of 29 down to the kitchen. "Yes, dishwasher, cook. Only wash clothes that I do not like. Nggak usual question," he said.

According to Mike, he and Tamara are now being absorbed, engrossed raise their son alone movie, Kenzo. Couples getting married in Bali in February last year to manage the shared task. For Mike syuting, Tamara solely responsible. But, if returned, Mike's is a bath and change nappies.

Kenzo, said Mike, the motivations for working. If you remember the boy is eight months, he is eager to undergo capture to finish quickly. "Yes, let 'quick return. Smile she made me happy. He makes me fly," said Canadian-Chinese men's mulatto.

Talk about acting, Mike expressed their support if Tamara would like to re-enter the world of entertainment, to star in a soap opera even striping. "I do not know when Tamara Comeback. To my knowledge, he more easily governance Kenzo and enjoy the moment so another mother. But, if there is a good chance, he would take. Later we talked about who Kenzo governance," he said.


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