Foto Pribadi Qory Sandioriva Seksi Tank Top

Qory Sandioriva was born in Jakarta, August 17, 1991; is Miss Indonesia 2009. He represented Indonesia in Miss Universe 2010. In the election of Miss Indonesia 2009, Qory forward as a representative of the Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. He successfully selected as a winner by defeating 37 other contestants.

Proximity Puteri Indonesia 2009 Qory Sandioriva and Ramon Jusuf Tungka invites many questions, although several times he denied having a special relationship. Entering the age of 20 years will be focused on careers.

"When I focus the same one thing, and then trapped by love would both result in half measures, no focus," she said.

Qory who met at the office Dimensional Models in Puri Matari, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Sunday (22 / 8), do not feel jealous of peers who have found a life partner or at least have a boyfriend.

"Jealous do not think so yes. We do give and show affection that was not need to courtship. I thank God for it had had enough anyway. There is my family and my close friends who are loving and nurturing," she explained.

Nonetheless, save Qory hope to have a guy who must physically handsome, and must also be good inside. He wanted to get a mulatto man.

"Just gorgeous, relatiflah. I like the people of Indonesia. If the Indo Indo also do so, the mulatto was," she concluded.

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