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Soraya Larasati (born July 11, 1986) is a model and actress of Indonesia. He began his career by becoming a Finalis GADIS Sampul in 2001. followed by a plunge into the art world by playing a role in some soap opera titles.

She also played in the soap opera Jomblo, So What Gitu Loh, Cinta Pantang Mundur, Kisah Kasih di Sekolah, and Cinta Seluas Empang. Thomas Nawilis former lover is currently busy completing his studies at the University of Pelita Harapan majored Broadcast Journalism in the 7th semester. Additionally barrel which is a descendant of Batak, Sundanese and China is currently active as a presenter of the show The Only on TVOne, Espresso in antv and Let’s Dance on Global TV.

In welcoming the Lunar New Year, the artist who was to his yoga exercise is involved in FTV edisi Imlek, Cina-Aku Cinta Kamu on Trans TV. Artist presenter who once rumored to Dwi Andika, also began to widen beraktingnya gait on the big screen with the comedy play Benci Disko.

Soraya Larasati Difficult Search for Men Soleh

Soraya Larasati admitted to not have a girlfriend. The reason, the film star was victimizing Jailangkung yet found a godly man who craved.

"I have a girlfriend anymore baseball. In fact, arguably more baseball to enjoy themselves too. Not to see you with a suitable course," Soraya said when met after victimizing Jailangkung latest film screening, at Blok M Plaza, South Jakarta, Wednesday (07/13/2011) .

Thomas Nawilis former lover wants to have a partner who can guide him. However, the criteria it seems difficult to obtain.

"Not to find any appropriate motivation and be supportive. Just look for that can guide. He was a pious lah. But that's not the name Salah yes," he joked.

As for physical criteria, oriental-looking woman is not fixated on what appears to the eye only.

"I never had any type of baseball, all the same. To be sure one pretty sight, I was definitely comfortable. The first one is selected when it's comfortable in his heart," she said.

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