Rika Callebaut Bikini Photos

Rika Callebaut was born on April 7, 1975 in Jakarta, Indonesia and she is a famous person.

- Being born on April 7, her zodiac sign is Aries.

Why is she famous? Rika Callebaut is famous for her acting career.

Couple Rika Callebaut and Ari Sigit is now happy. Section, the second child, named Adinda Sigit Suharto was born on Sunday (10/09), at the hospital MMC Kuningan Jakarta. We found Kapanlagi.com, Tuesday (09/12) night, Ari Sigit looked cheerful and happy with the presence of this second child.

“Thank God I now have two children. First a boy, two girls,” explained Ari initiating a conversation with reporters.

According to Ari, his wife was scheduled born on September 24 next, just because there’s just a wedding celebration Lulu Tobing and Danny, he chose to give birth by caesarean section earlier. Moreover, on September 24, Muslims have started fasting.

“My wife asked to be born more quickly. He was born by Caesarean. We are grateful that the baby is normal and healthy,” explained Ari.

The baby, born at around 10 am, with weight 27, 40, length 47. With the presence Adinda, Ari’s family life is perfect. For a while Ari does not want to add more children, articles they’ve got six kids. “God willing, the two children is yes, because we have six children. Four of the Mas Ari and the two of us both,” explained Rica


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