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Name : Anneke Titi Hapsari Jodi
or more in the know with the name Anneke Jodi
Born: Manado, North Sulawesi, August 22, 1985
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Hobbies: Shopping
Movies Cast Favorits: Christine Hakim, Tora Sudiro, Nicholas Saputra
Last Education: London School of Higher Education, Faculty of Public Relations, Department of Advertising, John Casablanca Modeling (JCM)

Anne’s early career occurred when entered by the mother to the school model of “John Casablanca Modeling (JCM).” From there she was climbing career with the offer of a modeling agency in Jakarta to be a model in some events. From the world of modeling Anne had finally penetrated the world of acting through its first soap opera titled The Story Adinda.

Arini 2 soap opera will soon appear on the screen next SCTV began January 10 at 20:30 pm. The performers and crew Arini admitted glad to be back working after a few months ago had a vacuum. One is the main character played by Anneke Jodi Arini. "Seneng really could meet and work together Arini the old crew, so crew Arini Arini 1 and 2 together," Anneke said as quoted by Hot Shot on SCTV, Saturday (8 / 1).

It is also expressed opposite Anneke Jodi, Vino Bastian. He said he was happy, his first soap opera was well received by the community. "It was fitting Arini complete, booming audience response, they asked ditayangin again through Twitter, facebook, and that goes to SCTV," said Vino.

Questioning the closeness between Vino and Anneke, they claim to only close on the soap opera. Both also claim to closeness emerged since the first time filming in Yogyakarta. "So our first filming in Yogyakarta, where we are all the players including Ben Joshua, live in the same hotel, and we begin to know each other and near there," said Anneke Jodi.

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