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Managers Not Know Irfan-Jennifer Wedding's Ring Rp 45 million

Santer blow when striker national news Irfan will put the wedding ring worth USD 45 million in the ring finger bled the German-Indonesian model Jennifer Kurniawan on her wedding day later. However, when confirmed, Road Manager Jennifer, Erlin Carolina, admitted he knew about the wedding rings.

"Earlier there was another phone, but honestly I wrote no idea," wrote Erlin via BlackBerry Messenger to Kompas.com in Jakarta on Friday (07/01/2011).

Then what about the money amounting to Rp 45 million to dirogoh Irfan, is that right?

"Meneketehe (which I know) how much it costs, how much weight also. The shape of the ring aja baseball I know like what ...," said Erlin.

As far as he knew, this time Jennifer and Irfan did not involve the management team to help prepare her wedding to be held in July.

"I swear I know nothing baseball. They really take care of alone I think," Erlin guess.


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