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Arumi Bachsin (born in Jakarta, February 19, 1994) is an Indonesian actress and model. He began with a widely recognized role in a number of soap operas, and then he played in the film bestfriend? in 2008.

Arumi Bachsin start a career since the age of 12 years starting from the modeling world in 2006. One photographer said that Arumi is, "One of the most beautiful model I've ever meet,". Year 2007 Arumi never a issue of Cosmo Girl magazine cover in February, 2007. He has also been a model of hair beauty products 'Elith and Miraton'.

Year 2008 Arumi debut in the acting world through the soap opera "Aziz" and got a small role. Later she also starred in his first film, "bestfriend?" (2008) in the same year and got a major role in the movie "White Shoes Grey and Kets" (2009) in 2009. His name is also becoming a soar and he was playing a few titles that make it soap opera new artist of the most shining.

In addition to the acting world wrestle he also began to explore the world by becoming a presenter presenter of music show 'HIP HIP hurray' for the first time. He also frequently starred in a number of video clips and commercials. In 2010 he played in the movie "18 +" (2010).

On 10 May 2010, reported that Arumi run away from home and report to the National Commission on Children and said she had been exploited by both parents.


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