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(The elegant personality)
Born: Jakarta, 7 September 1988
Child: The first child of 3 brothers
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: singing, dancing, and playing the violin
Height / weight: 170 Kg Cm/48
Education: High School SANTA AGNES SURABAYA, Modeling School
Background: Models
Favorite movie: Titanic
Favorite singer: Agnes Monica
Favorite music: More Than Word & R & B
Fanclub: Vanilatte
Vanila is usually called Ms.Lollipop same fans: D age 22 going to 23. vanilla like the color pink. favoritenya food is Japanese food. Vanilla noble ideals of the tablets once a happy person she cares. Vanilla Bear Tom like the same doll.

7 ICONS For Vanila

For Vanila, 7 Icons is a new family in Jakarta, Friends, and half of the body Vanila. They always have good times sad. They continue to support and they are the people closest to Vanilla when Jakarta. Vanila hope that 7 Icons can be together forever.

ICONIA For Vanila

According to Vanila, ICONIA not just fans but also the friend and friend. ICONIA also make 7 ICONS passion for the Forward and turn into a better


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