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Della Puspita accent Bali

Della Puspita feel challenged when he was offered the role of a Balinese woman in a soap opera television movie (FTV) that lifts the story legends of the island, Ni Cucumbers and I Lantang Golden Nose.

In the film Inkara Films production, he demanded to speak with the accent of Bali. "I'm a Java person, so really, really difficult. The dialogue is still short, but it was like along-shelf people," said Della about his role was to on Wednesday (09/01/2010).

In FTV, the Della role as Sukreni, mother of Ni Golden Cucumber. Well, that rada-rada difficult, said women born in Malaysia 29 years ago, was when he had to nembang traditional Balinese songs. The scene was repeatedly carried out because of the demands of the role. "There's a scene where the mother calling her son by singing," he explained.

"He sang anyway couplet but can exercise a day. I nembang Bali that his poetry has changed," she said.

Although just starred in the television movie, Della claimed not just appear. It took responsibility when he is believed to portray. "Want dazed like, ya have to learn. If we're playing one character, continued his accent inconsequential, even the fall so comedy. Is not that funny?" she said.

Cucumber Ni Mas and I Lantang, Della Puspita said, is a spectacle which cater to families and will be aired on TPI, Thursday (09/02/2010) at 19:30. "The moral in really where kindness will surely bear fruit so good too. There is a lesson that we should treat animals as creatures of God," she explained.


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