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Tessa Mariska famous as an artist who likes to look sexy. However, after a plunge into politics as representatives of the people, a woman 32 years are no longer looking sexy.

"When I was elected to the board, I could not help change the appearance is not like when I was working in the entertainment world," said Tessa Mariska when met at the Hotel Kartika Chandra, Gatot Subroto, Central Jakarta, Friday (29/10/2010) night.

Under these conditions, inevitably Pocong mupeng Revenge star should receive a satire of ignorant when I started the move in Parliament.

"Speech ignorant that there used to be much less initial fitting, but here I am totally changed. For me, have a past, a good way of playing politics because I want to go forward," she said.

Not only how to look alone, long-haired women is also changing behavior, and speech style.

"If there were changes, not just looks alone I've noticed but my attitude, speech was arranged, a bit cautious because of all the attention of many people," she added.

Although the woman who was familiarly called Tessa is always busy with his new job, but did not make him forget about the world of entertainment who has raised her name.

"My job in the entertainment world I have never forgotten because it's my profession, I always accept the job on day weekend just because I did not want to work on weekdays because it's my main job," she concluded.


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